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We are located in central New Jersey. That’s right… New Jersey!  Not a State you think of when you when you think about deer hunting.  Nevertheless, I have been an avid hunter ever since I was a small boy. At the age of five I can remember bird hunting with my Father, Grandfather, and their dogs. I was allowed to carry a small cap gun and pretended to shoot at the birds as they were flushed out of the bush. At age 15 I started white tail hunting, first with a gun and then a bow.  Over the years I have been a mentor to many friends and acquaintances and to some of their children as well.

I have given one strong recommendation to my friends over many years: “Always have a knife with you in the woods!”  I used to tell my friends to put a razor blade in their license holder, so that if their knife blade was dull, or if their knife was forgotten, they would have a back up blade. Safety first… never cut with a dull blade!

Drawing from that wisdom, I developed the idea of creating a disposable knife that is carried in a license holder.  For safety purposes I felt that the knife should have its own separate pocket and a sheath. Then, with a continued emphasis on safety, I added an LED light. The result is a great product that every hunter and fisherman should own. We have developed the NeverWithout license holder with an extra pocket to hold the NeverWithout disposable knife. We also inserted an LED light into the front of the license holder. With a simple squeeze of your fingers, you can have a continuous light source that can last up to 24 hours and, with another squeeze of your fingers, you will have a safety strobe that will last up to five days.

Friends and fellow hunters have been field testing both the light and the knife this hunting season. The results have been outstanding! They have used the knife as their primary blade to gut deer; not as a backup blade.  Their results and testimony (see Testimonials) attest to the performance of the Never Without product.  The LED light has been used to effectively light a path in the woods.  The safety strobe has served as a beacon to mark the location of a fallen deer in the woods. When darkness falls following a kill, and the hunter has to return to his truck for a deer cart, he can activate the safety strobe and leave the license holder with the deer. He will have no trouble finding his way back to his kill.

I, myself, have used the knife to field dress numerous deer, from the smallest doe to the largest buck. Using the Never Without knife, I have experienced the quickest and easiest time ever field dressing an animal. But I must advise you… this blade is VERY sharp. Be careful when cutting. Be safe and be prepared! I hope you enjoy our product.


Rick Damerau

Rick Damerau

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