I had the chance to use your Disposable Hunting Knife when I forgot to put my regular knife in my pack but, I had your Disposable Hunting Knife with me. It worked great gutting my buck. Razor sharp, light weight, and easy to use. I will always keep one in my pack as a back-up.

Tim Reilly 11/26/2011

To whom it may concern, I attended a lecture at BassPro last weekend, and had the pleasure of meeting Sean Callanan who was speaking. Sean is very knowledgeable about archery and hunting. I won The rectifier and Never Without knife in a raffle and was lucky enough to get to use it this week. It was so much easier to use and store than other products I have tried, and so easy to clean. I will be going back to buy another set to keep in stock.

Thanks for a great product,
Bill B.  22/21/2011

When I first received this thru North American Hunters test program i didn't really think it was going to work, but the first time i tried it on a big doe, i am now a believer, it is a great product. It is extremely sharp and very simple to use and carry, i truely will be ordering these and keeping my knife in my pocket. You really must try one to really appreciate what I am saying.

Jack Brown  11/20/2011 

Finally got my buck today!! Love the Never Without Knife!!!! Thank you!!"

Allison Martin   10/29/2011

Everyone liked the strobe feature on the license holder. The rectifier was a pleasant suprise that it worked so well and was so easy to carry and clean.

Ryan D Perkins  08/22/2012

My friend and my family watched me while I did my second deer and was amazed by how easy it was and how effectively I cut out that area with no mess.

Dale Bush  08/22/2012

I had a hard time getting back from my brother Mark.  He was ordering one online yesterday!!

John Evans  08/22/2012

My buddies in my hunting party were impressed with the license holder.  They all wanted one too.  My dad thought the Rectifier worked suprisingly well.  The disposable knife which was included was GREAT.  My dad and I used it to skin several deer.  

Victor Wilfong  08/22/2012

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